Adoba PURE Specialty Guestroom - Travel in Good Health

For a healthier, stress-free travel experience, book your PURE room right here.

Although all our guestrooms follow a strict protocol for cleanliness, the Hypo-Allergenic Guestrooms bring them to a new level providing you an amazing night's sleep.  A seven-step purification process treats every surface, including the air, removing up to 99% of pollutants so you can breathe easy, and rest peacefully. PURE’s leading air-purification system protects you from airborne irritants, and eliminates odors at the source, leaving your room smelling fresh and clean.

This process includes installation of a state-of-the-art air purification system and treatment of all fabrics and surfaces in the guestroom. All guestrooms are installed and maintained on an ongoing basis by PURE Solutions NA.

The Hypo-Allergenic Guestrooms purification process includes:

  • Application of PURE Shield and PURE Clean to minimize presence of allergens on carpet, upholstery and other surfaces in the room.
  • One-time shock treatment to minimize irritants.
  • Complete disinfection of Air Handling Unit and installation of removable tea tree oil cartridge to maintain these conditions.
  • Installation of hypo-allergenic mattress & pillow encasings.
  • Installation of a powerful air purifier by Healthway, listed as a Class II Medical device by the F.D.A.
  • Recertification every six months.